WiFi Security After the iOS 14.0 Update

If you recently downloaded the iOS 14.0 update from Apple you may see a ‘Weak Security’ message when connecting to your in-home WiFi network.

Apple has decided that for iOS 14.0, the appropriate configuration to use on your device is WPA2. For your home network, you will simply need to change the security settings on your router.

Connecting to Your In-Home WiFi

For optimal performance, ensure your device is connected to your home network. You can use the network as-is or change the security settings on your Suddenlink router following the steps below.

  1. Sign into suddenlink.com/router using your Suddenlink username and password
  2. Next to the My WiFi network, click on More
  3. A new box appears WiFi network settings. Click the drop down for Security type, Select WPA2 and click Save

If you own your router you will need to follow the steps to update security to WPA2 provided by the manufacturer.