Understanding the charges on your bill

Below is a list of common fees and surcharges, along with their explanations. For a full list of fees, go to the Standard Rates & Packages page.

Recurring Credits

Promotion Credits
When customers receive an offer, they are given a credit off of the standard rates for their products and services.  Additionally, when customers experience pricing changes, we may apply a credit to customers’ bills to help minimize the impact of the rate increases for their products and services; these credits can change at any time unless otherwise noted on your bill.  These credits are labeled on your bill based on what service they are impacting (such as “Internet Credit” or “TV Credit”) or may be called “Bundle Credit” if it applies to multiple services.

One Time Charges

Restore Service Fee
This fee applies to customers who previously had service that was disconnected or downgraded due to late payments when the customer turns on the service again or restore their prior level of service.

Late Fee
A $10 late fee is charged to customers who are late paying their monthly bill.  This charge will be included on the 1st or 2nd bill after the due date for the payment was missed.

Recurring Internet Product Fee

Network Enhancement Fee
The Network Enhancement Fee is related to the continued investment and enhancements we make to our network and infrastructure to ensure we deliver the best technology, experiences, and services to our customers. This fee applies to all customers with Internet service. Select offers excluded.

Recurring TV Product Fees

Broadcast Station Programming Surcharge*
The Broadcast Station Programming Surcharge is related to the incremental costs charged by the programmers for the rights to distribute the broadcast TV networks included in your TV package like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. This fee applies to customers with TV Service through Suddenlink, as these channels are included in all packages. Select offers excluded.

Sports Programming Surcharge*
The Sports Programming Surcharge is related to the incremental costs charged by the programmers for the rights to distribute the sports programming included in many of our TV packages. This fee applies to all customers receiving any package above Local Broadcast, as these TV packages include several sports networks. Select offers excluded.

How can I know about changes to my bill or packages?
On the second page of your bill, there is a “Suddenlink Updates” section. We regularly update this section with important notices about your account, packages, and pricing.

*Does not apply to customers on standard rates for their base TV package as of 9/13/2021.