Technician Installation & Service Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Appointments
If you are interested in having our service installed at your home or business, go to or call our sales department.

Service Appointments
Before an appointment is scheduled, we encourage you to explore our online resources or message with a Customer Care Expert to try and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

We recommended a quick reset of your equipment before scheduling an appointment. Simply unplug the device from the power source, waiting 30 seconds and plugging it back in

If the performance issues continue, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Sign up to receive appointment reminders. These reminders give you the option to cancel or reschedule.

You can contact us for assistance anytime.

On the day of your appointment, our technician will call when they are on their way.

There are different possible fees and charges associated with each appointment type.

For installations and appointments to restart service, payment may be requested when you are scheduling your appointment with a sales representative.

Installation Appointments
A typical installation takes 2-5 hours after the technician arrives at your home.

Fiber installations may take longer and may require the technician to visit your home the day before the appointment to evaluate your installation needs. You do not need to be home for this pre-assessment.

Service Appointments
Service appointments typically take between 1-3 hours depending on the amount of work required to identify and resolve the issue.

Our technicians will install:

  • Suddenlink provided Internet equipment (modem/router/gateway/Xtend)
  • Suddenlink provided TV equipment (cable boxes, cable cards and Stream)

Our technicians will not install/repair:

  • Customer-owned modem/router/gateway/extenders
  • 3rd party devices (such as streaming devices, Tivo, etc.)
  • Apple TV
  • Amplify

It is also important to note we will not guarantee service or support regarding technical issues unless it is a Suddenlink modem or router.

To be ready for your appointment, please be sure that:

  • Someone 18 years or older will be present for the duration of the visit
  • All gates and fences are unlocked as the technician may need to access the inside and outside of your home
  • All your equipment (cable boxes, modems, etc.) and own devices are in your home at the time of the visit, so our technicians can confirm everything is working before they leave
  • All pets are secured while the technician is in your home
  • All cable outlets are accessible
  • TVs that are connected or will be connected to our service and their entertainment centers are at least three to five feet away from the wall
  • The technician can easily access the location where the cable is coming into your home

Once you schedule an appointment, you will need to be home during the time window. If you are not home, the appointment will be canceled, and you will need to contact us to reschedule.

Service appointment fees may be charged for missed appointments.

  • The technician will call you when they are on their way and arrive within the scheduled appointment window
  • Upon arrival, the technician will verify the appointment request reason and services that are scheduled to be completed - all technicians have a company issued ID and will show you upon request
  • The technician will assess the environment and decide if the work needs to be completed inside or outside your home
  • For an installation, pick where you want the technician to install the outlets
  • We strongly recommend that you set up your Suddenlink username and password during your appointment - ask your technician for assistance if needed
  • The technician will verify that all services are working upon completion of the appointment

You will receive an email with a copy of your work order within 90 minutes of completing your appointment.

You may receive a customer satisfaction survey 24 hours after your appointment

COVID-19 Precautions

Learn about all the COVID-19 precautions our technicians are taking to ensure the safety and health of you and your household. For everyone's well-being, please wear face coverings when in the presence of the technician, and if anyone is feeling ill, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.

We strive to provide you with the best possible service and appointment experience.