Connected Home: Arming

You can arm Connected Home in two modes: Arm Stay and Arm Away. Simply touch the large green button on the home screen for the arming options.

Arm Stay

This mode is used to arm the system when there are still people in the house. Arm Stay automatically by-passes the motion and image sensors in the home and arms all door and windows installed.

Arm Away

This mode is used when everyone is leaving the house. Arm Away gives you time to leave the house and then activates your system, including the motion and image sensors.

Exit Sounds gives you a verbal countdown as the system arms itself. You can turn Exit Sounds off by touching the "Exit Sound" button on the Arming screen.

When you come home Entry Delay gives you 60 seconds to enter your code, starting when you open your primary door, so you don't trigger an alarm. You can turn Entry Delay off by touching the "Entry Delay" button on the Arming screen.


Bypass sensors easily by checking the buttons next to the sensor name on the Arming screen. For example, if you want to leave a window open on a cool night, touch the "Bypass" button.