Altice Amplify: Buttons on my Amplify

Button Action

Short press - Enables pausing and resuming audio playback with Bluetooth or streaming audio over WiFi using apps such as Spotify or Amazon Music.

Long press (hold for 3 seconds) – Switches audio source. The light ring will light up, and a sound notification will also play, indicating which input is active.

Available audio sources:

  • Analog input
  • Optical input

For information on how to connect using an audio cable, click here.

Volume Use the + and – buttons to control the volume. The light ring will display the volume level when the + and – buttons are pressed. For instructions, click here.
Privacy Control Privacy control mutes the microphone and disables voice control. Enable or disable privacy mode by pressing the microphone button. The red LED light will illuminate over the microphone button to indicate the microphone is muted and the privacy mode is on. Press the button again to disable privacy mode, and the red light will turn off.
Action Button

The action button does the following.

Short press

1. Activate Alexa – Press the action button, and a visual indicator appears on the device to indicate that the device is listening for your request. Speak your request, and Alexa will respond.

2. Turn off an alarm or alert – Press the action button when Alexa is playing an alarm or reminder sound.

Long press (hold for 3 seconds) – Turn setup mode on and off.

Setup mode is used to re-configure the Altice Amplify WiFi settings. Placing the device in setup mode will turn on the Altice Amplify WiFi network. You can then connect to the device using the Altice Amplify app to re-configure the WiFi settings.

Learn how to connect to your In-Home WIFI network.


Use this button to put Altice Amplify in Bluetooth pairing. Press the button momentarily to start and stop Bluetooth pairing mode. For step-by-step instructions, click here.