Voicemail Set Up

Voicemail takes messages while you’re on another call, not at home or simply unable to get to the phone. You will need to set up your voicemail before using it.

Follow the steps below and listen carefully to the recorded instructions:

Set up

  1. Dial your 7 or 10-digit Suddenlink phone number or *99 on your home phone.
  2. Enter “123456” (this is your temporary PIN).
  3. The voicemail system will prompt you to select a permanent 4-digit PIN and to press #. You will be prompted to enter it again. Select a PIN that is easy to remember, but hard for others to guess. PINs cannot contain # or *.
  4. The voicemail system will prompt you to state your name and press #.
  5. The voicemail system will ask you to record a greeting followed by #.

Once set-up is complete, your voicemail will be ready to receive messages.

Voicemail ring count

The default is four rings before voicemail answers. To change the amount of rings:

  1. Lift the handset of your home phone, listen for a dial tone then dial *94.
  2. You will hear a brief stuttered dial tone.
  3. Enter the desired number of rings (0-9).
  4. Listen for confirmation tone.
  5. Hang up the phone.