Home Phone Calling Features

Suddenlink home phone service includes the most popular calling features for no additional charge:

  • Caller ID: After the first ring, see the phone number of an incoming call on your home phone.
  • Call Waiting: Alerts you that someone is calling while you are on the phone.
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID: Provides caller ID information for all call waiting calls.
  • Caller ID Blocking: Dial *67 to block your name and number each time you make a call.
  • Three-Way Calling: Add a third party to your conversation.
  • Call Return: Dial *69 to call the last number that called your home phone. This feature does not work for calls from 900 numbers and blocked numbers.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection: Dial *77 to block all calls to you where the calling party does not display their caller ID information. To turn off this feature, dial *87. This does not apply to calls that appear as unknown or private.
  • Selective Call Rejection: Dial *60 to block up to 10 phone numbers from which you do not want to accept calls.
  • Call Forwarding: Dial *72 to direct your incoming home phone calls to another number.  To turn off this feature, dial *73.
  • Call Trace: Dial *57 after receiving a threatening or harassing call to trace the phone number. When traced, information pertaining to that call is captured by Suddenlink and can be provided to local authorities, upon request.
  • Caller ID on TV: See caller ID information on your TV for all incoming calls to your Suddenlink home phone when you have Suddenlink digital TV service.